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Woodland Camp Update – October 2019

We are thankful to the Lord for His mercy and the constant supply to the brothers working on the site. This month we have seen significant progress on the new cabins, the central plant, and across the site. Most of the work has been on finishing details on the cabins and prepare them for the cold months so that the brothers can continue to work inside during the winter.

After the roof sheathing, the brothers installed a metal roof on 11 new cabins. A string between both ends help to keep the metal sheets level.

The brothers also installed the window frames with a laser to ensure that the frames will be level.

Meanwhile other brothers continued to insulate the exterior of the cabins.

After finishing the exterior insulation, the next step is to install the battens and the insect mesh in order to prepare the cabins for cladding.

On the inside of the cabins, the brothers wired all the cables for the sockets, lights, and smoke detectors.

The brothers also installed the roof insulation and oriented strand Board OSB.

The brothers also prepared the inside of the cabins by installing metal-fixing plates that will help the fixing of the plaster boards on the roof level and floor level.

Partition walls divide the cabins rooms where the bathrooms are located. The brothers prepared the metal studs for the partition walls.

A fix rail for the heating interface was installed for the heating of radiators and domestic water. Brothers connected the heating pipes into the manifold.

Brothers installed the door framing and the closet framing for the heating interface unit (HIU).

Once all the closets were framed, the brothers installed battens and the breathable membrane.

The prototype cabin had bunk beds, bathroom doors, and a shower installed.

The brothers continued to work on the central plant connecting all the pipes, pump flow meters, electrical distribution for the pumps, and control panels.

In order to minimise the mud in the cold, wet months, branches and wood waste were converted into mulch and then spread around the perimeter cabins.

Mulch was also laid to form connecting paths around the construction area.

In the main field, the brothers graded the gravel, cleaned the excess mud, and created a pedestrian route using a geomembrane system.