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Woodland Camp Update—April – July Summary

This spring, there have been three significant advances in the building project at Woodland Camp.

Firstly, the prototype cabin is nearing completion both internally and externally.



In May 2019 the decision was made to build 16 cabins, which essentially completes the east side of the camp. The prototype cabin has helped us confirm the design, and funds are available to begin the first 11 of these cabins.


Secondly, road works have begun on the north-east side of the camp, which will allow for easy access by car to new cabins.


Finally we have begun working on eleven new cabins. Screw piles and steel beams for the foundation of 6 of these cabins have been installed already.

Beginning 8 July, we will install concrete block floors and metal framing. Five more foundations will be installed in mid-July.