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Woodland Camp Update – 8 July 2019

This week the Lord has blessed us with good weather and steady progression on site.

The focus of this week was finishing the erection of the steel beam frames on the new cabins located on the north-east side of the camp.

After the brothers finished installing the steel beam frames, the brothers were ready to dig the trenches for the services and sewage pipes underneath each new cabin.

This work needs to be done with caution due to the many other services like electrical cables, water pipes, and gas pipes already installed on site. The excavation process needs to be measured and reviewed on every cabin before it starts.

After the trenches are backfilled and the soil is compacted, the brothers install a geo-textile membrane that prevents weeds from growing underneath, prevents the gravel becoming muddy when it rains, and allowing the rain water to flow.

The brothers also advanced greatly with the C11 cabin installing the concrete beams and block for the floor.

The brothers have begun to install wooden joists for the deck floor in front of the cabins. 

Afterward, the brothers installed and connected all the pipes for the services of the cabins.

The brothers continued the installation of the timber sole plates that allowed us to set up the metal frames or C-stud framing.

Metal framing around the cabin for the wall partitions began to be erected.

Work has progressed on the prototype cabin as well, and the brothers have finished the external cladding.

Stairs were built and installed on the prototype cabin.

The brothers also continued their labor on the driveway by grading the gravel and filling the ProtectaWeb.

We have received the booster pump that will be installed in the central plant, which will allow us to deliver water from the main tank by pressurizing it to all the cabins on site. It will allow all the saints in the cabins to have a shower and flush toilets at the same time.

This is a top-of-the-line, heavy duty pump. Eight brothers were needed to lift and transport the pump inside the central plant.