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Woodland Camp Update – 7 September 2019

The work at Woodland Camp continued to progress with the building of the 16 new cabins. After the installation of all the steel ring beams, the brothers poured concrete on all the of the piles and began installing the steel frame, the concrete beam and block, services, the metal framing, and the top plate for the trusses.

On the newest cabins being built, the brothers installed the steel framing.

Following that, the concrete beam and block was placed at the base.

The brothers worked on the decking for all the new cabins.

Metal framing was installed for the internal wall partitions.

Services pipes and sewage were connected from the central plant to the cabins.

Hot water pipes were joined.

Water pipes were installed.

After the installation of the second set (five cabins) of steel ring beams, the work focused on the trusses.

With the help of the Telehandler, the brothers were able to reach and install the trusses at a steady pace.

Type 1 stone was laid as a base for the road on the camp.