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Woodland Camp Update – 21 September 2019

Praise the Lord for the progression of the work at Woodland Camp. The brothers continued building the new cabins, After the installation of all the trusses, the brothers focused on the installation of the roof decking and membrane, wall sheathing, insulation of the floor, installation of the heating pipes, and the floor screeding. 

The roof decking and membrane require one layer of plywood, then a breathable membrane, followed by roof battens, insect mesh, and finally another layer of plywood with the breathable membrane.
The insect mesh is seen at the top,
and lower on the roof are the roof battens and the second layer of plywood.
Here brothers are installing the second layer of breathable membrane and plywood.

After finishing with roof decking and the membrane,
the next step is the wall sheathing.

The end gables are covered.

The brothers proceeded to install a damp-proof membrane
and the floor insulation on the cabins.

After finishing with the flood insulation, the brothers were able to lay the pipes
that will help to heat up the radiators.

After all the heating pipes were installed, a cement screed layer was added to the floor.
Heating pipes were installed in the central plant.
Flow control pumps
The reservoir tank was covered with a special insulation sleeve to maintain hot water.