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Woodland Camp Update – 20 July 2019

Praise the Lord for His continual giving of grace upon grace. This wonderful grace is the very element that allow us to keep labouring on the site.

The main focus of this week was the work on the new cabins, grading and backfilling trenches on the sports field, and the leveling and grading of the C01 field (where the main meeting hall will be).

The brothers installed the geo textile and started the grading of the field with 20/50 recycled stone gravel.

We received eleven loads of stone  for the main hall and sports field.

The brothers used a roller to compact the gravel and level the field as well as prepare a base ready for the installation of concrete piles for the main hall.

The work continued on the sports field with the installation of perforated pipes for drainage and the grading of the field with gravel.

The work on the new cabins is advancing. The brothers have finished installing the concrete beams and blocks for six cabins and have covered the blocks with plywood to create a working platform.

On the new cabin E03-A (the second of 11 new cabins), the brothers have installed the trusses. The telehandler helped transport the trusses.

The two end gables were erected first. This helps the brothers install the remaining trusses. By threading a line between the two end gables, we are ensuring that the trusses will be aligned to one another.

There are 14 trusses and two end gables in each cabin.

After the installation of the trusses on cabin C11 (the first of 11 new cabins), the brothers continued to install the breather membrane tyvek to help protect roofs against wind and water.

The brothers also installed plywood sheathing around the cabin.