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Woodland Camp Update – 13 July 2019

It was another wonderful week of progress at Woodland Camp.

On the new cabins, the brothers continued installing concrete beams and blocks, timber sole plates, steel framing, and top plates.

We also have two scaffolds installed, one on the C11 cabin and on the E03-A cabin so that the brothers can begin installing the trusses.

The brothers operating heavy machines like the telehandler are highly skilled and trained. This operation helps with the transportation of heavy material like the concrete beams, which reduces manual handling and keeps the brothers safe. One concrete beam weights 130kg (286.6 Pounds).

Sixteen concrete beams and 288 blocks have been installed on each of the new cabins.

The brothers installed the trusses on the C11 cabin with the help of the telehandler and scaffolding. The gables were erected on each side and then measured and aligned so that the rest of the trusses can be installed.

The brothers continued to install the blocking and rafters.

After the two end gables and 14 trusses were installed, the brothers continued with the installation of the straps and plywood on top.

On the site, the brothers continued trenching, leveling the field, and grading gravel on the driveway.


The brothers have been digging trenches so that drainage pipes can be installed.

Here the brothers are laying and installing the drainage pipes.

Afterward, the trenches were backfilled.

Later in the week, the brothers graded the driveway with a finer granite gravel.

In the central plant the main gas pipe was installed. The brothers used an electrofusion welding machine that creates a strong joint between two pipes.