Click here to download the Truth Pursuit Schedule for 2015

Click here to download the Truth Pursuit Schedule with Checkboxes for 2015

Dear saints,

In our pursuit of the truth for 2015 we are focusing on The Crystallization-study of the Epistle to the Romans. This book is composed of messages given by Witness Lee in Anaheim from August 24 through December 17, 1994 and from February 15 through April 19, 1995. There are 26 messages. These messages were given shortly before his going to be with the Lord. Thus they are very up to date. These are a part of the High Peak messages which Brother Lee gave beginning in 1994.

We suggest that we spend two weeks on each chapter, with each saint setting aside a minimum of one hour per day. Monday through Friday could be spent on that week’s content, and then an hour on Saturday could be spent as a review of the week’s content. Perhaps we could cover approximately one-half of the chapter in each of the two weeks. Using the time in this way would allow us to cover the material in a way of constitution, not just in a way of reading, but also in bringing in the Crucial Points of the Truth, the Life-studies, and the Recovery Version as a part of our exercise. This schedule, if maintained in this way, would give each one of us a good deposit as we complete the book in the 52 weeks of the year. Portions of chapters 25 and 26 can be covered throughout each quarter. These two chapters will uplift our view of the announcing of the gospel.

We suggest this schedule for the full year of 2015; then it may be that we all will have developed the habit of being in the truth on a daily basis for the long run. Regarding the mutuality of pursuit, we encourage all the saints to do some truth pursuit privately and some corporately. We could pray over certain verses or excerpts at the beginning of the prayer meetings. We could then devote a portion of a weekday meeting for overflow. Some churches may want to devote some time on the Lord’s Day to some ministry from these portions. This would be of additional benefit to new ones since the structure of Romans lends itself to such a time.

We could review this at the end of the year to see how best to proceed thereafter. Some advantages to this particular line are the love of Romans by many seeking Christians. There are many additional sources, including the Life-study of Romans and the Recovery Version of the New Testament, and everyone can have access to the same materials at the same time.

We hope that all the saints will develop the habit of truth pursuit, and we also hope that all the saints will become self-paced at some point. Furthermore, we want the truth pursuit to be enjoyable, not burdensome. Perhaps this kind of beginning will facilitate that result.

We hope that all the saints will follow the Suggested Reading Schedule week by week as well as the Holy Word for Morning Revival and the Daily Bible Reading Schedule according to the weekly fellowship which matches the schedule included in each HWMR book published by Living Stream Ministry. We have included suggested readings from the Life-study of Exodus for the first two quarters. The first fifty messages correspond to the Winter Training 2014 of the Crystallization-study of Exodus (1). These Life-studies will surely strengthen our pursuit of the twelve messages which are currently available in the HWMR based upon the winter training.

Some may be able to devote many more hours per day in the pursuit of the truth. We hope that this would be the experience of many of us.

May the Lord give us all the heart to be constituted in the truth for His move.

Much grace to you all,

Saints serving with Amana Trust

Click here to download the Truth Pursuit Schedule for 2015

Click here to download the Truth Pursuit Schedule with Checkboxes for 2015