Bower House was purchased in 2005 and currently accommodates Amana Trust and the Full-time Training in London (FTTL) as well as the church in London office. Bower House was originally a large private residence, but was developed in the twentieth century into a residential training centre. By using the current bedrooms and classrooms and installing a large 700-seater tent, we have been able to use Bower House for over 10 years as a gathering point for the many radio listeners, Bible recipients, saints, and seekers throughout the UK and all of Europe through day seminars, weekend retreats, conferences, and one-week trainings. The attendees of these times not only receive an infusion of truth, but also become connected with the other saints for their ongoing shepherding. However, the regular need has gone beyond the capacity of the current facilities.

Therefore, the goal in the coming years is to develop this property in a more dedicated way for the future of FTTL, which trains the European young people for a duration of two years. The population of Europe is more than twice the size of the United States, and the Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) now has approximately 370 full-time trainees. We anticipate that the FTTL will grow as the FTTA has.

To accommodate this growth, we have now purchased the 7-acre Bower Farm, a property adjacent to Bower House. Together, these two properties constitute 17 acres of land surrounded by roads, farms, and country parks. The farm has 750 square metres (8,000 square feet) of farm buildings that, because of the changes in planning legislation, have potential to be converted into residential dwellings (over 20 bedrooms). It would also provide two more vehicle entrances to the Bower property.